Starting Over: How to Build a Business from Scratch in 3-Months

Someone asked me what I would do if I had to start my business over from scratch in 3 months (90-days). And that got me thinking — if I could take the experience I have and use it to start over from scratch, how would I do it?

When I say starting over, I mean it. In this hypothetical I wouldn’t have my mailing list. I wouldn’t have organic traffic, a following, name recognition — none of that. Just my experience as to what works and what doesn’t and the drive to make it happen.

Now let’s say that my life depends on me having a full-time income at the end of those 3 months. No pressure there, right?
It sounds unrealistic, but a lot of people find themselves in a remarkably similar situation — make more money or else… Or else they’re in trouble, or else the bills go unpaid, or else they’re facing losing their home, or… worse.

So, with that in mind, here’s what I would do:

When you’re focused on providing solutions, you no longer get distracted by the ‘ Shiny Object Syndrome ‘ that steals your time and your money. Now, I’m not saying all programs are bad. In fact, many of the “how-to” and “step-by-step” trainings are useful as building blocks to the larger puzzle. But that’s usually all they are — they’re puzzle pieces — not full-blown businesses.

  1. So, I would start with the outcome first. What is my market? What is my product or service? What is the solution I can provide that people will gladly pay for? What is THE ONE BIG BENEFIT I can provide to my customers? What is my goal (How will I know when I’ve “made it?”)
    Clarity is key here. You must know where you are going and how you plan on getting there. I don’t mean that you need to have all the specific tactics worked out, but I’m talking about the big picture. Think of your business as a GPS — you must know exactly where you are and exactly where you want to end up coupled with your chosen method of transportation in order for it to work properly.
    This is the starting point of everything that will come next.
  2. Next, I would build my website. Odds are it’s going to be a blog. Now, I’m not going to spend a ton of time on setting this up because I only have 3 months to generate an income. I’ll spend an hour maximum choosing the URL, I’ll get the hosting, I’ll choose a simple, streamlined theme, I’ll get the autoresponder and I’ll be ready to get started.

Yes, it takes money to get started. Not a lot, but some. You’re making an investment into your future. And if you think spending a couple of hundred dollars to set up your internet business is somehow a lot of money, consider the alternative: Spending at least that much each month just to drive to and from a job, or spending thousands for a brick and mortar business.

Notice I’m only creating 3 pieces of great content initially, not 300. And I’m repurposing those in multiple ways. Some folks spend years trying to get everything exactly right, but in this hypothetical, I’ve only got 3 months, so forget perfection and just get it done. Don’t get carried away with content creation either. Keep it simple to start, there will be plenty of time to expand later on.

The blog posts should be highly focused on getting my prospects to take the next step, which is likely going to be a free consultation. Think about the format of a successful sales funnel that drive people to take a specific action. It’s not very easy to sell a $300 a month coaching program or a $1,000 website optimization package online. Especially if you are under a time constraint. But its typically much easier and faster if you can talk on the phone or in a meeting first.

Get people on a free call, help them solve a problem, and invite them to participate in your coaching program where you will share what is actually holding them back and how to overcome that based on your personal experience. In its simplest form, we are simply sharing our personal knowledge.

Plus, with more practice getting on the phone and talking to my target customers, I’ll get better and better at finding out people’s specific needs and presenting them with the solutions. I’ll learn their specific verbiage or language that they are using and can adjust my messaging accordingly.

It shouldn’t take long before you’ve signed your first client.

I’d also be Mr. (or Mrs.) Communication with both my clients and everyone else on my list and in social media. If someone writes to me, I answer quickly. If they mention me in social media, I am thanking them the same day and personally replying with a comment or message. This is a people business after all, and my goals are to please the people and thus build my name and my reputation.

Selling time for money is a great way to get started, but as soon as possible you want to be creating assets that you can use to automate and systematize your sales funnel and your income. Creating an information product or digital course is a great way to accomplish this. It can be used as a standalone midlevel product or a down-sell if someone can’t afford coaching.

Then hopefully, those clients will become affiliates and continue to refer others to me for a long time to come.

I’d also try to build relationships with other marketers or influencers in my niche. Almost nothing drives warm, quality traffic faster than an expert in your niche telling their list about you or your offer.

Bottom Line: By delivering the solutions people seek, I can build a fully functioning business in a short amount of time. And yes, by diligently following these steps, you too might be earning a full-time income in 3 months.

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Originally published at on April 16, 2020.

Drew provides coaching and mentorship for independent thinkers and enlightened capitalists as an Awareness Empowerment Coach at Alphadog Success LLC.